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Texas Road Rats By-Laws




The Ship’s Standards



In the beginning the Texas Road Rats were associated with the Alamo Scoots Group.   A group of Alamo Scoots members were tired of just riding around San Antonio doing less than 20 miles and calling it a ride.  So, they started riding to out of town locations 50 plus miles away.  Of course not all of Alamo Scoots members wanted to, or could go, the distance so to identify the members that would, the Alamo Scoots Road Rats were born.  The planning of our rides were done on the Alamo Scoots group site, being we were still part of Alamo Scoots and it seemed logical place to plan rides.  This upset many Alamo Scoot members who could not, for many different reasons, go on long rides, so after a bloody battle the Road Rats broke away from the Alamo Scoots group and formed they’re own group, THE TEXAS ROAD RATS.